Building A Student Portal On WordPress

For music teachers, especially remote teachers, one of the issues they often face is how to deliver the lesson material to students. You can email it over, send it via Skype during a lesson, share it via Drive or upload it to WeTransfer. All of those can get quite cumbersome after just a few lessons. There’s also no easy way for the student to reply back and ask questions about a given lesson. This is why I went down the student portal route.

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Matthew And The Atlas – Palace | Guitar Lesson

This is a guitar tutorial for Palace by Matthew And The Atlas. It uses open chords, standard tuning and a capo on the 4th fret. I run through the fingerpicking pattern used in the track and explain how to play each chord. This will really help with your right-hand technique and get your thumb playing a perfect alternating bassline while your 1st and 2nd fingers add a nice complexity to the tune.

Download the PDF tab to learn the song.

Download the Guitar Pro interactive tab. This lets you play the guitar track, adjust the speed and loop the tricky parts.

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Essential Chord Theory For Guitarists

Music theory is one of those things a lot of musicians (I’m looking at you, guitarists) like to avoid. Most of the reasons I’ve heard are that it will reduce their creativity or box them in with too many rules. I see music theory as a tool that allows me to write and learn music a lot faster and make conscious decisions about what I’m playing. I’ll be coming at this from a guitarists standpoint but you should be able to transplant it to any musical venture. Read more “Essential Chord Theory For Guitarists”


Student Portal Demo

I run a guitar teaching business called Pickup Guitar. This student portal will allow students to login, view previous lesson material and any notes we made in the lessons. There’s also a space for comments so they can ask me questions or leave notes about the lesson. Read more “Student Portal Demo”


Define The Work You Do

I realised I hadn’t actually defined any of the things I create and I think this is why I felt a little bit lost with all my projects. After just writing down one little definition for the podcast, ideas started flowing because I knew straight away what direction I wanted to go in. Read more “Define The Work You Do”