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I teach guitar lessons in Camberley and online via Google Hangouts or Skype. Pickup Guitar was started by me, Will Helliwell, in 2008 straight after coming out of music college. I taught guitar privately throughout the local area for a number of years and also taught students in schools. After taking a break from teaching to pursue my passion for writing video game music, I felt it was time to start Pickup Guitar back up again!

Lessons can be taught from my home studio in Camberley or via Google Hangouts or Skype. I can also arrange to travel to you to teach so there’s no need to worry about transport or carrying your equipment anywhere. I teach a range of styles for acoustic and electric guitar and work closely with students to help them achieve their goals which range anywhere from being able to play at parties all the way to touring as a professional musician.

Playing the guitar is not only about playing the instrument but also about the equipment you use. With years of gigging and studio experience, I can help you get the right sound from your gear, whether that be changing the settings on your amp, all the way down to which plectrum and guitar strings you use.

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